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Every 10 years each planet holds a vote to decide who will represent them in The Pantheon. After a person has been elected their name is changed to that of the planet they serve.
There is a boy that was born 23 Earth years ago, born and raised on Saturn. He lived a very impoverished life, both parents always taking whatever work they could find. Until one day they are killed in the war regarding land and immigration between Saturn and it's surrounding moons. The boy now known as Saturn achieved his role at the age of 21. The war fuelled Saturn to become the overachiever he is today and the day his parents died he vowed that he would become Saturn of The Pantheon so he could make a change.
Saturn plays a crucial role in being a handyman. His knowledge around technology and servicing it is unparalleled. He is also remarkably agile and quick on his feet. Hand to hand combat isn't his style though he has astounding reflexes and a keen eye, so when armed he doesn't often miss a shot.