T H E   S T O R Y
In the year 2088, access to the multiverse has become more common than ever. The rapid evolution of technology has made space travel inexpensive. Everyone with a middle-class income has the ability to move between planets in our galaxy. The average spacecraft can travel at 1,450,000 km/h; making travel from Earth to Mars take only 6.5 days.
Each planet has been conditioned to be habitable by all life forms; breathing new life and functioning economies to all 8 major planets in our solar system. All humans on Earth have undergone a genetic mutation to alter the cells in their body, allowing them to evolve to our new way of living. The stress of fast-changing climates and rapid travel is no more. The human body has reached a new peak form.
 Flora and fauna brought over from Earth have adapted to their new climates, causing exciting, new mutations. This has created a trade-systems between planets to supply their people with amazing, new medicine and materials.
However, this new normal is not without its consequences. This expeditiously developing technology requires an unthinkable amount of money to fund it, but also allows for more to be made. Some believe that having such easy access to the whole galaxy is too dangerous and will lead to more problems than were already faced on Earth. Each planet has one elected person to represent them in the council of the universe, also known as: The Pantheon. These 8 people are the peacekeepers. They protect all who are in our universe, unbiased to whom they are. They protect us from all para-dimensional evil.
What will be the ultimate fate of our universe?

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