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Art Print (coming soon)

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Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system. As people settled in, it became very divided. Resources imported from other planets were used selfishly, taken by the powerful colonies and sold off at high prices to those less fortunate. Areas stricken with problems such as famine or nature disasters are unable to obtain enough resources for their people. 
The new world leaders are desperately fighting for planet unity.
Jupiter never knew her family. Orphaned as a toddler, she had always looked elsewhere for guidance as she never really had a role model in her life. As a result, she tends to be self-reserved and generally only speaks when necessary. 
She makes decisions based purely on her own intuition, as a result, she is often criticised for not being a team player. However, she is frequently right. Jupiter is remarkably driven and is always working on self-improvement. Being the studious person she is, discovering new ways to outdo herself is a frequent feat. 
Jupiter's ability to solve problems so rapidly gave her the majority vote of her people. The people took a liking to her composed and tranquil personality traits. Perhaps because it juxtaposed the horrific events that are happening on the planet.